Organization - Grade Level Advisor Sign Up Information
Math Counts - 6th, 7th, 8th Mrs. Semon If you enjoy math, see Mrs. Garner (room 206) or Mrs. Semon (room 209)
Math Olympiads - select students, 7th, 8th Mrs. Prego
Mrs. Garner
24 Game - 6th, 7th, 8th Mrs. Prego
NJHS - select students, 7th, 8th Mrs. Garner Application process for all students with required GPA. Application is a packet of requirements to fill out, like service projects and an essay to write.
Service & Other
Ski Club - 6th, 7th, 8th
Mrs. DeNato
Trek - select students, 7th, 8th Mrs. Burley
Mr. LaFevre
Explore America's historic, cultural, and natural wonders. 6th and 7th graders sign up in spring to travel as 7th and 8th graders the following spring. Check out our Trek site for more information.
Costa Rica Trip - select students, 7th, 8th Ms. Ashton Applications are taken for this program, trip is in the spring.
TV Studio - select students Mr. McMullen
Mrs. DeNato
Art Club - all grades Mrs. DeNato
Garden Club - all grades Mr. Bold Help to keep our front gardens beautiful.
Music & Art
Concert Band Jazz Band County Band - select students Mr. Stephen Lowrie see Mr. Lowrie about joining if you are interested.
Orchestra Ms. Kumpf
PALMS Singers
Musical - select students
Mrs. McGorrey see Mrs. McGorrey to sign up for Chorus.
Reading & Writing
Reading Olympics - all grades Mrs. Bellew
Ms. Ashton
Anyone can join. You must try to read as many of the 40 books on the list as you can. You must also attend the night competition in the spring.
Yearbook - all grades Mr. Hinkle Completed form during first few weeks of each new school year
Literary Magazine - all grades Ms. McBrearty
Student Council - all grades Mr. Hinkle Classroom representatives 8th Grade Class Officers
Student Activities  Mr. Hinkle
CyberSeeds NA  

Herpetology Club - all grades Mrs. Heilig-Trexler